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Embroidered Portraits

Embroidered Portraits: Service

Customized Gifting Solutions

Welcome to the whole new world of customized gifting.Introducing for the very first time 'Embroidered Portraits'.Gift your loved ones their embroidered self.

Embroidered Portraits: Text

Bored of the old printed customized gifting ideas. Presenting a whole new range of customized gifts. Get a picture of your loved one 'Embroidered' on a canvas and gift it to them and then see the smile on their face. All you need to share is just a good resolution picture of whom you want to get it made for and we will convert it into a beautiful embroidery picture for you. Contact for more details. BOOK NOW!

Embroidered Portraits: Projects

Embroidering merely the fabric alone was perhaps not the only task we wanted. We needed to reach out users who might be wearing the fabric embroidered by us....but with a twist.

Now you can store and showcase our embroidery not only in your cupboards or some parties, but also in your bedrooms, drawing rooms, sitting areas and wherever you always wished to showcase your portrait or most memorable event, but nobody ever noticed. With with innovative frame, your picture can never go unnoticed, and that's a promise.....

Embroidered Portraits: Text
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